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The 2017 JIANGSU VIVATURF CO., LTD annual party held successfully

February, 06, 2018



Windy rain had sent spring away, flying snow has welcomed spring back. At the turn of new year, 2017 JIANGSU VIVATURF CO., LTD annual party held as scheduled, all employees gathered, everyone sang and danced together for “glory” 2017 and “new journey”2018.


At the opening of party, Ms. Jenny Zhang, the general manager of VIVATURF, delivered the New Year's speech. Ms. Jenny said the brilliant achievements made by VIVATURF can not be separated from the efforts of every employee. She sincerely expressed her gratitude to all the employees who have worked hard for the past year.


Afterwards, Mr. Aaron Zhao, the president of VIVATURF, made his speech. As the leader, Mr. Aaron concluded the comprehensive work of 2017 and highly accredited the historic achievements made by VIVATURF in 2017. At the same time, he proposed the new demands of development and expectations for 2018. He said that the company can not achieve sustainable development without a sound management system. While achieving brilliant achievements, we need remain sober, remember "responsibility" and "honesty", never forget why you started, and continue to move forward, contribute the value and become respectable company.


The company commended employees for their outstanding performance in 2017. Awards were: The Best Sales Team Award, The Sales Champion Award, The Best Execution Team Award, The Best Learning Team Award, The Best Innovation Team Award, The Best Cooperation Team Award, The Outstanding Team Award, The Safety Team Award, The Best Management Award, The Outstanding Staff, The Best Progress Award, The Outstanding New Employee Award, The Most Promising staff Award. The winners came to stage and accept the honors. The leaders awarded them trophies and encouraged them to play a leading role in the new year and make new contributions.


All leaders walked onto the stage and made the toast, the party started. Company employees had brought brilliant performances, leaders and employees drank together, each other were gradually getting closer. Exciting lucky draw attracted the audience’s cheers and applause, continuely made the climax of the annual party. In the enjoyable atmosphere, 2017 Jiangsu VIVATURF Co., Ltd. annual party successfully ended.


Tonight, we gather together singing and dancing; Tonight, we are full of passion. Yesterday's achievements have become history, tomorrow's journey is a long way to go. Let’s write 2018 more brilliant chapter with strong energy, high spirits and unparalleled courage, let’s contribute to the development of VIVATURF with unity and love, moving forward bravely, pioneering and innovation!