During the summertime, the sunshine is very strong and the temperature rises sharply. Does artificial grass get hot during hot days? Yes, there's no doubt about it. Because of its material, artificial grass will absorb heat and get hot easily. Actually natural grass performs better in hot weather because it stays cooler and all thanks to the water within it. However, when compared with other surfaces made from concrete, asphalt, iron, stone, or other heat-sensitive materials, the surface temperature of artificial grass is lower when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time.


Simply put, while artificial grass is not as great as natural grass during hot sunny days, it is still a better alternative when compared to other materials. And no matter how hot it may get, the turf will definitely not burn you.


How to keep your artificial grass cool during hot weather?


If you feel that your artificial grass has or may get too hot for comfort, there are many ways to keep your artificial grass cooler.


1.    Cool off with water

You can use a hose to water the grass and reduce the surface temperature quickly. A sprinkler system will also help keep add moisture to your turf and keep your artificial grass cool.

2.    Keep the natural shade and provide artificially shade

If you have trees or other plants around your grass, please remain them instead of cutting. You can also install some awnings to provide some shading over your artificial grass. The ample shade can dramatically reduce the surface temperature of your artificial grass. 


3.    Avoid rubber infills

Rubber infills absorb heat more and tend to lose it more slowly. Other infill material options such as silica sand don’t absorb as much heat and tend to lose it faster.


4.    Choose new technology cooling grass

Artificial grass surface temperature is a focus not only to users but also to the industry. More and more companies adopt advanced technology and develop cooling grass to solve this issue. For the cooling grass, its surface temperature will up to 10-20 lower than traditional artificial grass surfaces which will keep the grass cool in the hot weather.


If you take the actions mentioned above, your artificial grass can also stay cooler and provide a comfortable surface even in the summer.

Does artificial grass get hot?
Time: 2020-09-25

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