When people deciding whether they want to invest in artificial grass for their home or garden, it’s important to do as much research as possible. One of the most notable questions is how long does artificial grass actually last? Unfortunately, this question can’t be answered in a few words because the lifespan of artificial grass is dependent on multiple different variables.

From perspective of a manufacture, major factors determining the lifespan of artificial grass are listed below. Hope it can help to make a suitable choice.

Ø  Raw materials quality

One of the things that can influence the lifespan of artificial turf is the quality of the materials. Artificial turf made of high quality raw materials has better durability, for the higher anti-aging ability and stronger backing which make the lifespan longer. On the contrary, some cheaper artificial turf usually uses low quality raw materials, such as recycled plastic particles, low quality anti-aging additives and master batch. Artificial turf products made with these material tend to have a shorter lifespan. And they are more likely to decompose quickly over time and easily damaged by falling debris. Artificial turf products made with poor master batch will experience discoloration very quickly, which is frequently called color fading. If you want your product range perform well in a long run , please make sure what kind of materials are used and available test results from your supplier.

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Ø  Usage frequency

Synthetic grass lifespan has a lot to do with usage frequency. Different synthetic grass applications will have different requirements on the grass. And the requirements are usually measured by usage frequency or traffic on turf. For example, if the artificial lawn is located in a display area of a home garden where it will rarely be walked upon, then we could expect it to last a longer time. On the other side, if the artificial grass is going to be located in a playroom, or in a communal area, then the traffic will be much heavier. There will much more people walk or play on the turf surface, which will significantly shorten its lifespan.

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Ø  Installation

It’s absolutely essential to ensure that artificial grass is installed correctly. The compacted and leveled foundation, proper drainage system as well as suitable infill materials are very important during the installation. Without appropriate installation, it’s easy for the artificial lawn to suffer from backing broken, poor drainage, weed growth and plant-based damage. All of these problems will drastically decrease the lifespan of artificial grass installed.


Ø  Regular maintenance

To extend the lifespan of artificial grass, regular maintenance is also necessary. Unlike natural grass, synthetic grass maintenance is much easier. Though, it still requires maintenance. Organic debris and waste needs to be removed from time to time. Turf surface needs to be washed to make it looks fresh and clean. Raking and brushing will be necessary to keep grass yarn upright. If the turf is used with pets, it’s also very important to clean an area that your pet uses to avoid discoloration, unpleasant smells and stains.


Lifespan of artificial grass is affected by multiple factors. Carefully chosen products will for sure support performance of turf products . And proper installation and maintenance guide will help to extend artificial grass surfaces installed in your market.


Please contact us, if you have any questions about artificial grass lifespan, or would like to know more details about durable artificial grass and its application instructions.

What determines the lifespan of artificial grass?
Time: 2020-10-30

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