On Jan 15th 2017, the eighth anniversary celebration of Jiangsu VIVATURF Co., Ltd and the opening ceremony of the second factory was held in our second factory which located in Fangqiao Town, Yixing city. More than 500 people including the local government leaders, suppliers, clients and our staff were gathering together to witness this historic moment of VIVATURF.


VIVATURF was founded in 2008, with 8 years’ development, starting from a small foreign trade company with only few staffs, has become a well-know artificial turf enterprise. The output value of VIVATURF is 200 million yuan this year. The factory covers an area of 100000 sqm, with more than 300 employees. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions. Its achievements are remarkable.


VIVATURF’s second factory covers an area of 86667 sqm. With the first investment of 30 million yuan, the second factory is equipped with 10 new extrusion lines, 6 tufting lines, and a coating line, as well as various supporting research & development facilities and laboratory equipments. By now, the annual production capacity can reach 5,000 tons of grass yarns and 5 million square meters of grass carpets. And we are planning to employ 200 more employees to double our production capacity on the basis of existing capacity.


The general manager Ms. Jenny Zhang indicates that successful completion of the second plant is a very important milestone for VIVATURF, which is inseparable from the joint efforts of all staff and the strong support of the local government. The upgrade of equipments and the expansion of production capacity can meet the increase of business growth and market share, which will be the strongest support for the development of VIVATURF in the future.


Yixing Municipal Committee, Deputy Party Secretary of Yixing Economic and Technological Zone Committee, deputy Director of Administration Committee, Secretary of Fangqiao Party committee Mr. Huanliang Pei, Director of Yixing municipal bureau of commerce Mr. Huizhao, Director of Fangqiao'





The eighth anniversary celebration of VIVATURF & Opening Ceremony of the second factory
Time: 2020-07-09
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