How should I maintain artificial grass in my garden after installation? 

Artificial grass requires much less maintenance work compared with nature grass. However, maintenance is still needed for more enjoyable turf surface and extended lifespan. Following are maintenance tips…

Daily maintenance:

Only keeps the turf surface clean and provides users a comfortable environment.


A. Basic requirements

To keep the grass surface clean.

To prohibit motor vehicle or heavy articles running into the surface.

To reduce the times of cleaning, don’t clean at high temperature.

To repair small damages immediately.


B. Cleaning and Maintenance

To clean off the garbage.

To comb the grass by a special brush every 2 weeks, to remove the dirt and leaves.

To wash the dust on the turf surface.

To spray water on the grass to bring cool in hot summer.


C. To remove dirt

For liquid dirt such as juice, milk, ice-cream, blood etc, you can wipe the off with soaps, then wash by clean water.

For oil stains such as shoe polish, suntan lotion, ball-point ink etc, you can use chlorine ethylene to wipe it, then use 

a towel to absorb the water.

For dirt of paraffin, pitch etc, you can wipe them hardly, or use chlorine ethylene to wipe them off.

For dirt of nail polish, you can use acetone to wipe them off.

For dirt of gum, you can use Freon to wipe it off.

For dirt of fungus or mildew, you can use 1% hydrogen peroxide to wipe them off.


D. Check and Repair

Check the seams carefully, make sure there is no loose, if damage on the back of the turf is found, you should contact 

Installation Company if there is serious damage.

Heavy rain or spray cleaning can flow some sand away, you should re-supply some sand when necessary.


E. Prohibition

Non-smoking, setting off fireworks, welding etc;

Non-leaving aside gum, shell, juice etc;

No use of chemical cleaner, weed killer or insecticide.    


Tips for Landscaping Artificial Grass Maintenance
Time: 2020-09-15

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