A synthetic turf system is made up of various components. The correct combination of these components guarantees a perfect performance from the field. A distinction is made between the surface layer and the sub-base.

The surface layer of a synthetic turf system consists of the fiber, the backing, and the infill material. This provides most of the playing properties, such as friction resistance, ball roll, and low sliding resistance.

The sub-base is the foundation of the system. The sub-base also influences the playing properties, providing shock absorption, ball rebound, deformation behavior, and energy restitution.


Ideal synthetic turf can ensure proper ball performance and good safety for players.


The latest generation of artificial grass systems for soccer, rugby and American football contain performance infill products to raise the systems performance. These special granules ensure the playing comfort is raised and helps to reduce the risk of injuries through shock absorption or rotational resistance. Performance infill materials meet the strictest requirements in order to guarantee the best possible playing surfaces.



Silica Sand will help your grass look more natural and plush for years to come. It will help the fibers perk up in a variety of directions to emulate the look of real grass.



Artificial turf backings are made up of a primary backing and a secondary backing that provide exceptional strength and unmatched vertical drainage.

The primary backing allows the synthetic turf fibers to be stitched into the material in rows, and the closer, denser stitch rates give the grass more structural density. We can supply to compose the woven polypropylene fabrics, non-woven fabrics and net cloth for the primary backings.

The secondary backing is applied to the reverse side of the primary backing in order to ermanently lock the stitched fibers in place. We can supply the latex coating or polyurethane coating or PU coating for the secondary backings of artificial turfs.



A good shockpad is a critical element in an artificial grass system and has a lot of influence on the lifespan and the playing characteristics of the total artificial grass concept.

Various approved laboratories recommend equipping sport pitches with an additional shock absorbing layer, and advise not to count solely on the shock-absorbing properties of the various performance infill systems. Performance infill systems can become compacted or contaminated; a layer positioned underneath the grass mat will do a better job of retaining its properties because it is protected against the natural elements. Performance infill layers cannot be made too thick, because this will result in an unstable playing surface.



Sub base is the layer between the subsoil and the upper layers. A solid, permeable and very even sub base is crucial for each kind of synthetic turf, especially for sports pitches.


Synthetic turf system
Time: 2020-09-15

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