Many families choose artificial grass for its ability to withstand cold weather and come out of winter unscathed. Whereas natural grass will die off in extreme weather conditions, artificial turf won’t be damaged by frost or other winter weather such as heavy rain or snow. However, your artificial grass still requires proper care in winter in order to ensure that your turf stays in peak condition for the upcoming spring and summer fun.


1. Clear leaves and debris

When the season changes from fall to winter, there are usually large amounts of leaves and debris all over the place. Although these don’t have a big negative impact on your turf, it is better to clear them away to help reduce bacteria caused by rotting leaves and ensure no harming to your artificial grass.


2. Don't allow snow to pile up

It is OK if there is a little snow on the turf. The snow will melt and drain naturally. However, it should take care that not to leave the snow pile up too much. As settled snow can compact and stick to turf blades, making the removal risky.

3. Don’t walk on frozen turf

With the freezing cold temperatures that come with winter, the turf blades could become brittle or slippery. If you plan on walking on your lawn, just be sure to do so with caution as it could be like walking on a sheet of ice depending on the amount of snowfall there is and how cold it gets in your area.

4. Don’t use a metal rake or shovel

If you want to remove snow, always do so when it has freshly fallen. Do not use the metal rake/shovel to remove snow from turf, as this will damage artificial grass fibers. Please use the plastic shovel to clear the snow.


5. Don't use salt or other melting products

Avoid using any ice melting products and salt as these could block the drainage system of your turf. Salt will not damage the turf but the salt residue can build up in the sub-base and interfere with the draining effect of your turf lawn. If you can’t wait for the snow to melt, you can apply warm water to the snow.

Follow the above caution tips, your artificial grass will be healthy and offer great athletic performance in the winter season.

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Care Tips for Artificial Grass in Winter
Time: 2021-01-07

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