Why does some artificial grass lie flat while others stand tall and look natural? How to make your artificial grass standing straight again?



Since most artificial grass is packed in rolls and delivered, the grass will initially be compressed and the turf blades will be lodging in one direction. This requires to be attended to during the installation. The installers need to brush the turf blades to the upright position after the grass rolls installed. For some grass, also need to fill some sand as infills. The proper infills will give the long turf blades something to lean on and enhance the resilience performance of the grass.


Actually, after a period of use, all the artificial grass will flatten to an extent eventually. Although artificial grass needs less maintenance when compared with natural grass, it still needs minimal maintenance to help the grass keep straight and look very best. If the grass is under heavy traffic, the blades of grass get stomped. Due to the wear and tear, synthetic grass will be flattened. Unlike natural grass that can regenerate or grow new fibers, artificial grass needs the help of a good brushing to look good again.



In order to make the grass yarn keep upright, please don't put a heavy load on the artificial grass surface for a long time. Otherwise, the grass yarn will be overwhelmed and difficult to stand straight again by brushing. Please keep in mind that the longer the heavy load was on your artificial grass, the more difficult it will be for the grass to recover completely.


At last but very important, please choose a professional artificial grass supplier when you decide to install artificial grass. Because the professional supplier will ensure the grass quality as the good quality grass has better recoverability after intensive use. Besides, also note that the shaped yarn grass such as C shape and S shape has better resilience than flat yarn grass since there is the spine in the turf blades. So the shaped yarn artificial grass will be the better choice than the flat yarn one if you need good upright ability grass.


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How to make your artificial grass standing straight again?
Time: 2021-03-03

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