Artificial grass is an excellent investment and there is a lot of benefits that an artificial lawn will bring to your garden. But to get the most from your investment, it’s very important to ensure that your artificial grass lasts long into the future.

Artificial grass is a convenient, low-maintenance option for homeowners seeking a yard where they can relax rather than work to keep it up. However, even synthetic grass will wear out sooner if you don’t do the minimal upkeep.

Regularly maintain

Synthetic turf is generally very low-maintenance, but employing proper maintenance goes a long way when it comes to the life expectancy of artificial grass. To maximize the useful lifespan of your artificial grass, please remove the leaves and debris in time and keep the grass clean. To ensure your artificial grass remain in the best condition, it’s important to brush the yarns of your artificial grass to the upright position occasionally with a broom.


Prevent naked flame and reflections

Although artificial grass is fire-resistance, it doesn't mean that fire or hot objects will not harm your artificial grass. Although fire-resistant artificial grass won't catch fire, the heat will melt the grass yarns. When it happens, it will cause permanent damage to artificial grass. As we introduced earlier, artificial grass melting can be caused by direct heat, such as cigarette burns and barbecues, as well as reflective surfaces, such as windows, mirrors and so on.


Regularly apply infill

In general, we recommend infilling some sand for artificial grass. The sand infill will protect the grass yarns and keep the fibers remain upright. The infilling also can increase the fire resistance as well as the drainage. It can ensure that your grass has a longer lifespan. Also note that the sand will run off during constant use, please supplement the infill regularly after installation.


Doing these simple steps of care and maintenance, they will make sure your artificial grass keeps its optimal condition and improve its lifespan, allowing you and your family to enjoy it even longer. If you have any requirements or questions about artificial grass, please feel free to contact us at

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How to improve the life of artificial grass?
Time: 2021-03-26

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