When you install natural grass, those weeds will grow on the surface and make you very annoying. Now after changing natural grass into artificial grass, whether does it happen again?

In general, the elements which influence plants' growth are sunlight, water and air. For artificial grass, it removes or restricts the elements which weeds need to survive and can stop most weeds from growing through.

Usually, the seeds of weeds spread through the wind and finally drop into the soil, take root and become established. If weed seeds are dropped on artificial grass, the grass yarns and the backing cloth will avoid them from reaching the soil directly. No matter how they try and penetrate, there will always be another layer to prevent them from reaching their goal. From the infill through the drainage system, there are several obstacles that make the seeds can't reach the soil successfully. In most cases, there is no chance of it reaching the soil below the artificial turf.

Besides, weeds also need water to grow up. After installing artificial grass, its good drainage ability will leak the water out soon after rainfall and prevent water from pooling in low lying areas. Without sufficient water, weed seeds can't germinate, and they are not able to survive without irrigation.

As we know, the grass yarns of artificial grass are tufted into the backing cloth and then connected with the latex or PU backing. The backing cloth, as well as the coating, will prevent sunlight. Besides, artificial grass will be installed with weed barrier in most regions, which will further block sunlight. Without sunlight, no photosynthesis happens, no nutrients are produced for weeds growth.

By removing the elements of weeds growth, artificial grass can prevent most weeds from growing through. However, it’s inevitable that some weeds may still germinate in the vulnerable areas in your artificial grass, like the edges of your grass. When you see them, just pluck them out as these weeds are very weak because of the lack of water and the difficulty in rooting.

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Will weeds grow through artificial grass?
Time: 2021-05-06

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