During the summer days, the sunlight is extremely strong and the temperature is high. In this condition, artificial grass may not get as hot as sand, rocks and concrete surface, but it also not as cool as natural grass. This can become a problem for your kids or pets who walk or play on the grass. Nevertheless, there are many ways to keep artificial grass lawns cool on hot days and you can ensure that the grass does not get too hot and can be kept at a comfortable temperature.

1.Choose the right infill materials

Due to the color and material, the rubber infills tend to absorb and transfer the heat much more easily than non-rubber infills. So please avoid using rubber infills and choose light colored non-rubber infills during the installation.

2.Install artificial grass under the shady areas

When installing the artificial grass, please install it under the shady areas like under the trees. It will not only provide a comfortable and shaded area for playing but also will help to keep your artificial grass protected from the direct rays of the sun and keep them cooler. You can also use sunshade cloths or covers to keep out the direct sunlight. 


3.Reduce the temperature of grass surface by a sprinkler system

If there is a sprinkler system in your garden, please run it to water the artificial grass for a few minutes to reduce its temperature. If not, a garden hose is also useful.


4.Select the advanced cool grass

With the advanced technology, more and more artificial grass manufacturers develop cool grass which can reduce the temperature of artificial turf on hot days. The surface temperature of these grass can be 10 ℃ lower or more than regular artificial grass.

It's true that artificial grass can get hotter than natural grass, but the above simple tricks will help to reduce the temperature of artificial grass back to a comfortable level. Use these tricks and enjoy your grass all through the summer.

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How to keep your artificial grass cool in summer?
Time: 2021-06-09
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